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While there are some benefits of shooting outdoors, photography studio rental can save time and money. In this article we will be sharing the top 5 benefits of shooting photography or videography in a studio.

1. Full control over the environment

In the studio you don’t need to worry about the weather changes (wind, rain, etc.) which will affect the hair, makeup and clothing of your subject. Weather, clouds, sun moving can all affect the intensity and consistency of the daylight. So you may end up with different lighting in photos and videos. In a studio you can easily create consistent lighting throughout the shooting and if you need to reshoot some photos or footage, it’s easier to do in a studio.

2. Avoid guerilla shooting

Guerilla shooting has two big disadvantages. First, shooting photos or videos on locations may require you to have special permits. Those permits require certain fees. If you shoot without permits you will have to pay fines if you get caught. Second, to not get caught you have to shoot quickly. As an artist you know that art needs time. Therefore, the results may be unsatisfying if you shoot quickly.

3. Comfort and tranquility

Studio rentals usually offer equipment rental such as lights, stands and other gear so you don’t need to carry bulky equipment to a shooting location. Another advantage is that photography studios have air conditioning, electric sockets for your batteries and chargers, makeup and dressing rooms, restrooms and other amenities to make your shoot relaxing. Also there is no traffic noise to affect sound recording, however, some downtown studios have this issue.

4. Uncluttered background

While you can find some interesting backgrounds on location, there can also be lots of unnecessary items making your background look cluttered. Also in a photo studio you can have a number of backdrop choices with a variety of colors to select from.

5. Privacy and no distractions

Shooting on location means passersby and gawkers, in other words, distractions. Photography studio rental gives privacy to you and your team and makes focusing on the task easier. If you’re shooting something proprietary, you may want to have privacy. That can be easily achieved in a studio environment. If needed, you can have studio staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality.

So if you have decided to shoot in a studio, here is an article to help you choose a good one.

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