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If you have never shot in a photo studio with cyclorama, you probably aren’t aware about its advantages. Keep on reading to learn what is cyclorama and what are the benefits of using it.

Cyclorama, cyc wall or infinite wall is a background that appears to have no beginning or end.  Therefore, it can help you create an illusion of a sky, open space or distance. Cyc walls  are very common for product photo shoots and video production when the primary focus needs to be on the product or subject.

What are the benefits of using cyclorama?

  • As a commercial photographer or a videographer you can highly benefit from using cyc walls. For example, if you are shooting for e-commerce, catalog, or fashion, cyc walls will provide a smooth and seamless background.
  • Compared to simple backgrounds, a cycloramic background gives you more options in subject positioning and camera angle. The background curves on both the vertical and horizontal axes allow you to freely change your camera angle. 
  • The cycloramic background also helps you use your lighting more creatively. If you are using a white cycloramic background,  its reflective effect will add fill light and help you easier sculpt shadows. In other words, cycloramic backgrounds become a part of your lighting system along with a properly positioned main light.

Try using a studio with cyclorama for your next commercial photo shoot or video production to feel the difference compared to simple backgrounds.

In spite of many benefits of cyc walls, not all video production and photography studios have it. Here, at Lenz studio, we have a 25×15ft white cyclorama. Book our spacious studio today and enjoy the benefits of white cyclorama. Visit our Instagram to see what other photographers have created in our studio.


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