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Do you know the most effective way to pitch your photography to brands? Does pitching your photography make you feel uncomfortable? Well, pitching can really be daunting if you don’t know how to do it right. But we are here to show you that pitching can be easy. In this article we will be sharing 5 simple steps.

  1. Identify your ideal clients 

Ask yourself who you want to work with. Create a list of brands and put their important details on a spreadsheet. What’s important is to make sure those brands resonate with your personal photography style. First, it will be easier to sell your work to them, second, you’ll be passionate about working with them and the end result will be outstanding.

While it’s good to stay realistic, remember, there is nothing impossible. Don’t be afraid of being ambitious. Having well-aimed ambitions can give you the ability to visualize your future, advance faster and accomplish your goals.

  1. Review your portfolio

While you may have lots of stunning photos in your portfolio, it’s a good idea to review and customize it to make sure it includes images that will attract your ideal clients. Your goal shouldn’t be just to present your portfolio of beautiful photos to your client but present the ones that align with their brand.

If your existing portfolio doesn’t align with the brands you want to reach out to, create new photos by keeping your ideal clients in your mind. Once you have the photos you need, ask the people you trust to give you some feedback. Contact as many people as possible. You can ask fellow photographers, friends and just anyone else who can take a look at your photos from your ideal client’s perspective and sincerely tell you if they would hire you or not.

  1. Get connected with your ideal clients

Before sending your pitch, do some research to get insights about your clients. Here are some tips for research that will help you propose more relevant ideas:

  • Learn about their history, goals, mission, and vision
  • Take a look at the imagery of their social media and website and analyze their overall creative aesthetic
  • Look at their previous marketing work to understand their branding messages and selling points

Before you start to pitch your photography, try to get connected with your ideal clients. Social media is an excellent tool for connection so make sure you are following them on various platforms and engage with their content by liking and commenting. This way they are more likely to get familiar with you and your work.

  1. Write an email

It may be difficult to find your ideal client’s email details. Some companies don’t mention it on their website. You can try to get the correct email addresses on LinkedIn profiles. Also make sure you are sending your pitch using a professional email address. 

Keep in mind that your ideal client can be too busy and may not have time to read through a long email so try to keep it short and to the point. Start with introducing yourself and share the reason you are reaching them out. Make sure you write in a language that is consistent with the client’s branding voice. 

Don’t just offer your service but offer solutions that will benefit the client. Mention what they will get from working with you and how your solutions will improve their branding and sales without making it sound like they’re falling behind in their strategy. Offer them something of value and creative, something that no one else can deliver. And finally, share your portfolio. 

  1. Follow up

If you don’t hear back after a few days, that doesn’t mean they ignored you. They might have missed your email among a bunch of other emails, or they just forgot to respond. So follow up! If after the follow up they don’t get back to you, move to the next ideal client on your list. Just keep on working towards achieving your goals.

It’s always better to contact your ideal clients than wait for them to contact you. There is a possibility that your competitors are already pitching their photography to your ideal clients. So take the initiative and start pitching. It’s one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Now you know how to pitch your photography to brands. We hope our tips can help you get your ideal client, and here is the article to learn how to choose a photography studio rental. 

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