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Who needs a headshot? In fact, everyone needs a professional headshot that showcases them in their best light. This fact makes headshot photography a stable, profitable niche.

Interested in starting a headshot photography business? Keep on reading this blog post as we will be sharing 7 tips for success.

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a photograph of one single person which includes the face and shoulders. It is usually used in a professional context: company website, social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter), business cards, CVs, brochures, marketing materials, magazines, newspaper articles, etc.

Who will you be working with? 

Entrepreneurs, employees, job seekers, models, actors, performing artists and all people in the public eye.

How to succeed? 

Your success as a photographer is about making your clients feel satisfied with your work. Here are 5 tips for success.

1. Understand your client’s requirements

Consider creating a list of questions that will help you understand the client’s requirements before the shoot. You can include questions regarding:

  • the purpose of the headshot
  • the style (formal, candid, creative, etc.)
  • the color format (black and white or full color )
  • the background (backdrops, natural surroundings, etc.)

2. Create a style guide

It’s a good idea to create a style guide and send some ideas to your client  before the session. For example, you can mention that neutrals are the best for headshots  as they tend to put the focus on the face. You can also advise them to avoid psychedelic prints or flashy logos.

3. Give some tips regarding the skin  

A sweaty/greasy face (especially in summer) may look really terrible under studio lighting. For women, suggest wearing some concealer/foundation. For men, washing their face just before the photo is taken can help a lot. Baby wipes work great too. Ideally, have some facial oil blotting papers at the studio. 

In winter, skin tends to be dry. A good exfoliation followed by a hydrating face cream can solve the issue of flaky skin. Just tell them to do it a night before the photo shoot and not right before the photo shoot!

4. Fix the hair before shooting

Photoshopping hair is a nightmare for any photographer. It’s easier to get the hair right before the photo is taken than fix it afterwards. So make your post-production process easier by simply recommending your client to bring a brush. Also have some hair products at the studio in case you need to make the hair look smooth and neat.

5. Avoid straight-on poses

Straight-on poses aren’t only boring but also aren’t flattering. Most people have some facial asymmetry so avoid posing them facing the camera straight on. Ask the client to turn a little to the side. This will also make them look slimmer.

To avoid the double chin, ask your client to extend the neck a bit.

6. Experiment with angles 

Usually people have their preferred angles so make sure you ask them about it. They will truly appreciate it. If your client doesn’t have preferences, just take a few shots from different angles and show them to understand which angle they prefer.

And finally, if your client is taller than you, make sure you don’t take a shot at a low angle. Headshots taken from slightly above, look more flattering.

7. Encourage your client 

Remember that not everyone likes being in front of the camera. Clients usually get nervous and self-conscious. Therefore, during the shoot, give positive reinforcement to help ease tensions. Show them that you are easy-going. Crack a joke. Have a good laugh. As you take shots, continuously give them positive feedback. Let them know they are doing a good job (even if they aren’t!). As soon as your client gets more confident, you will finally get that perfect headshot.

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