• (613) 680-5369
  • 81 Auriga Dr Suite 13, Nepean, ON K2E 7Y5
  • sales@lenzstudio.com

There is free parking in front of our units which are Unit 13 and 14. There is also visitor parking available at the back. Please do not park in our neighbors parking spots during the day. If you are doing an evening or weekend booking and there are no parking spots available in front or our units then you may park in our neighbors parking.

Please leave enough time prior to the end of your booking to wrap up and clean up as those are included in your booking time and should not extend beyond your booking time. The same thing goes for prep and setup.

We recommend arriving at our studio 10 minutes prior to your booking time and not before to not disturb a previous booking. You cannot come 30 minutes ahead to set up for your booking.

Excluding the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions it applies which supersedes this section, our normal studio capacity is of 100 people.

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